Payment method

We strongly recommend you to make the payment in US dollars. If you make the transaction in other currency, you will take the risk of getting lose because of the exchange rate.

1. Wire transfer

If you want to add funds by wire transfer, the bank will charge you some bank transaction fee. The amount depends on what bank you are using. Because Avazu has an HSBC account, we'd recommend you to use HSBC Bank and make the transaction so that the bank transaction fee will be avoided from both side.

Time: it will usually take 1-3 working days to make the transaction.

Currency: USD

Beneficiary name: Avazu Inc.

Bank: HSBC

Bank Address: HSBC Main Building No. 1 Queen's Road Central Hong Kong

Bank Location: Hong Kong

Account: 808664122838


Company Address: Britannia House 22,2nd Floor,Cator Road BS 8811, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Please fill in the "Wire Transfer Record" under "Add Funds" for your fund to be tracked.

2. Credit / Debit Card

You can directly add fund by Credit or Debit card on our platform. Your card information will not be saved by us. Supported card by this method includes: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discover,Diners, AMERICAN EXPRESS. You will be charged a transaction fee for 4%+$0.12 for each payment. 

3. Alipay

If you want to add funds with RMB, you can use Alipay, which is similar with Paypal. You will be charged the transaction fee around 2.2%.

Time: The payment will promptly arrive your account.

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