Top Level Domain

What is Top Level Domain?

Top Level Domain is the domain that can 
represent its advertiser feature for a specific campaign. 

It must be the domain of the advertised company, not an app store URL (such as ""), nor the third-party URL (such as "").
Do NOT include ‘http://www’ or any subdomains in the field, as this is a top level domain.

For example, if this campaign is to promote a Nike app, you should type ‘’ here as the top level domain. 

In the case of apps that do not have a registered domain, please use [appname].com. e.g.,

How can I make better use of this Top Level Domain?

This can help the publisher know your campaign feature well. 
With this domain set up, if something goes wrong with one of your campaign, the publisher would only block the campaign according to its specific top level domain. 

With different top level domains set up for different campaigns, you can prevent the rest of your campaigns from being blocked by publishers at the same time.

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