Avazu Mobile DSP S2S Tracking Setup

This document describes how to setup S2S tracking with Avazu Mobile DSP.

We currently accept server-to-server (S2S) tracking method.

In order to make this tracking method work, We will send a unique {subid} value to your landing page when your ad is clicked by a user. We need you to store and send back the information that we called ‘subid’.


To do this:

1.       Enter the landing page link that you use for the ad in the campaign url. Add the parameter for our subid. Click on ‘Add URL Variables’. Choose {subid}.

{subid} is a required id for us to track the conversion. You can also find other URL variables in the ‘Add URL Variables’ list.

The campaign url setup should look like:


You can define the name of the variables according to your tracking system. For example, define {subid} as subid, or {subid} as v1, or {subid} as v2. This depends on your tracking system.

You can also add {campaign_id} {carrier}… if you want. These are optional variables to be added.


2.       In case of successful conversion events you would need to call our S2S Postback URL with the required parameters.

Please add the postback url in your tracking system.

Click on ‘Conversion Tracking’.


Our S2S postback url usually looks like:


Above is an example postback url for the tracking system which use subid to define {subid}.


The postback url parameter depends on the tracking system you are using.

e.g. If your campaign url: http://yourdomain.com/?clickid={subid}

     then postback url may look like: http://mdsp.avazutracking.net/tracking/s2s.php?subid={clickid}


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