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Q: What are the specifications of creative materials?

A: Creative formats: jpg, png, and gif.

Creative Dimensions: 320x50, 300x250, 320x480, 216x36, 120x20, 300x50, 480x80, 480x320,  480x800, 640x960, 728x90, 768x1024, 960x640, 1024x768.

Q: What is 3rd Party Creative?

A: By using 3rd party creative, you can upload your creative by inputting the creative URL instead of upload the creative to our server. This feature is open to limited users.

Q: What is the creative review status?

A:  There are four types of approval status (Audit Status), which are: Pending, Approved (limited), Approved, and Rejected.

Avazu mDSP follows a strict compliance accepted in each traffic source requirements.

Your creative will be pending approval after they have been uploaded. Creative’s approvals will be done within 12 hours during working days. When you upload a creative for your campaign, at the beginning the status will be pending (pending). Afterward, the system will automatically adjust quickly the creative status into Approved (limited), which temporarily shielded the creative stringent audit requirements of traffic sources, such as InMobi, Flurry , TapSense, Smaato, MoPub, and so on. The operational team will manually review each creative to determine whether it will be allowed to the Approved status. At the same time, we will determine all non-compliance’s creative and it may be refused at any time (Rejected).


Q: How to re-upload the same creative for different targeting campaigns?

A: Each creative who has been uploaded to the platform and been audited on the first step, will be store into the creative library. If you have cloned a campaign with the same creative it will automatically adjusted according to the last auditing status. If the same creative is cloned (regardless its file name and other setting adjustment) will automatically follow the previous auditing status. For example if it was rejected by InMobi, for the next campaign will automatically exclude InMobi for targeting.

This optimization is to help advertiser to speed up the creative review and approval.  of speed, especially to facilitate the creative review of efficiency Clone Campaign.

A creative re-upload status is automatically reviewed by a recent state audit determined. Such as audit policy adjustments, manual review will be reviewed in the past according to the latest policy, and a creative status may also change depending on the policy. This will affect all past and future upload of the same creative and even the currently suspended campaign.

Q:How to upload creatives with Mac?

Use chrome, allow sites to run flash.

Q: How do I know if my creative has been successfully audited?

A: If a creative has been uploaded and successfully audited, you will receive an email automatically sent by Avazu mDSP. For example, a default initial status is "approved limited", the user will receive an mail for the first time. Afterwards, after the manual review by the operational team (regardless the creative status), you will receive another message with update information of the auditing results.


Q: What is the different between creative delivery status and approval status?

A: Delivery Status (Status: Running / Paused) is controlled by you, who can updated the status of specific creative into Active (Running) or stop running (Paused) with its approval status of (Audit Status: Pending / Approved (limited) / Approved / Rejected).


Q: What is the recommendation of a good creative?

A: There are several basic optimizations for a good creative, as follow:

1.       Overall speaking, it is recommended to do a standard dynamic creative banner or .gif, compare to the static format in .jpg;

2.       Placing the Appstore's logo or Googleplay will increase the mobile users’ attentions and to push the desired actions of download, click, etc. Download button can increase the click rate (CTR).

3.       The top performance banner size is 320x50. This size is the most widely used. Nevertheless, some full-screen ad will also increase the click rate (CTR). ; if conditions allow, the best sound of all sizes, because some of the popular despite the size of the flow does not fit many, but the corresponding put competition is also small, the effect may actually good.

4.       In the production of creative, attention must be consistent with the provisions of creativity and attention to the different channels of the applicable size is not the same.



What is Average CPM?

Average CPM is the average winning bidding price served through Avazu Mobile DSP on your specific campaign. The inventory sellers’ average CPM is not displayed.


Q : What is the different between Max Bid Price vs. eCPM?

A : The max bid price option is the maximum CPM price that you are willing to pay to achieve your target. The eCPM column reflects the actual CPM price that you are winning at, and paying.


Q: Is it possible if the traffic served is duplicated?

A: Every show in time and space is unique, so there will be no duplication.


Q: Does Avazu support direct download class ad serving?

A: No.


Q: Why is only certain Inventory Source sending traffic to me?

A:  Different traffic source has different volume, result in different result;

2.       The targeting setup by you is too narrow to allow various conversions flows from the inventory source. So the request as per targeting option is competing with the actual number of the inventory source;

3.       Certain inventory source has different requirements for creative, therefore might not be able to target or deliver impressions to your campaign;

4.       Inventory source with strict requirements include: InMobi, Flurry, Smaato and TapSense, after submitting your creative, if these traffic sources refused to approve, your creative will go through the audit whether Avazu mDSP can send your request to bid;

5.       Unbalance bidding price with certain creative requirements in the inventory or the price is relatively high. For example in TapSense inventory for full-screen sizes: 320x480, 480x320, 640x960, 728x90, 768x1024, 960x640, 1024x768.



Q: What is your refund policy?

A:  We do not support the refund function at the moment. 


Q: What is Beacon URL? How to use the Beacon URL?

A: Beacon URL is a URL for tracking advertising exposure, and only applies to Advertisers who have their own Tracking System. After you set the Beacon URL, you can see the ad's exposure in your own tracking system.

Q: How to use the "Automate" function?

A: Please read the document on this link: 


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